Saturday, August 24, 2013

Oh Gloomy Days and Wet Pavement

It's been gloomy, rainy and sometimes humid and chilly. Yes, the weather has been truly erratic. This side of the East Coast always finds it hard to transition from the warmer season to the colder season. But thanks to this somewhat early Autumn chill, dear hubby has been very inspired cooking my favorite cold weather staple meals: Arroz Caldo(Chicken and Rice Porridge), Beef Mami(Beef Noodles) and Chicken Mami(Chicken Noodles).

 Hubby's Arrozcaldo filled with chicharon (Pork Skins) hee hee :-P.
Arrozcaldo by husbo, I just ate the egg and chicharon

Beef and Chicken Mami, anyone?


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