Friday, August 23, 2013

Jollibee in our hood!

I was going over my old posts (particularly, looked online for this) and realized I still haven't shared that the newest branch of Jollibee-USA opened sometime in early April. The good news is, this is just about 30-45-minute-drive from our home.


We knew that the lines would be long and the crowd so much bigger, hence, we waited a week after the opening to visit the fastfood pride of the Philippines.
I have been there only for 2 times since its opening. The first time, I was a bit disappointed with the taste of the Chickenjoy, there was something lacking in it that I was looking for. All the rest from the menu were great though.
When we came back last month with my Bestfriend and her family who were visiting from Canada (no Jollibee there and they haven't eaten in Jollibee for close to 7 years!), I was so happy that the Chickenjoy recipe improved! I even had my 2nd serving!
This post reminds me that they started to serve breakfast, must drive one early weekend to try it out. Happy Friday!


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