Friday, August 9, 2013


I used to not have a sweet tooth even if I grew up surrounded by cakes and pastries, read: my mom's business. However, when I was diagnosed with borderline Gestational Diabetes when I got pregnant with my 1st-born, I skipped all of the sweets that you can imagine. As soon as I gave birth, the first thing I ate were bars and bars of chocolate, thanks to my mom who spoiled me rotten hee hee. Ever since, I would crave for chocolates, ice cream, cakes and every form of dessert. I guess deprivation made me have the worst sweet tooth ever.

I am not currently in the mood for some blogging however, I have been craving for a good cupcake: Sprinkles, DC/Georgetown Cupcakes and Kara's Cupcakes. All 3 I have tasted. Since Kara's cupcakes had been my most recent cupcake experience, I shall blog about it today.

When we visited San Francisco last month, I have no idea what Kara's Cupcakes is. Haven't heard, haven't read. Until my SF-based friend and her family, B who brought us to Ghirardelli Square told me we should try Kara's Cupcakes. We did not try it on that day due to lack of time. So the next day we went back to Fisherman's Wharf, I told dear hubby to walk up to Ghirardelli Square and try Kara's Cupcakes. There weren't any customers at that time but I feel like the staff was not even enthusiastic to sales talk us even after letting her know it's our first time. When asked what to try, she told us to try  Red Velvet Cupcake! For a little over $3 a pop, I can say it's totally worth it. It's the most heavenly-melts-in-your-mouth-chocolate-flavored-cupcake! Truly a sweet treat and a must-try when you are in the NorCal! Oh and speaking of, I am on a blogging-turbo mode because of our speed up pc, hence, watch-out for my marathon posts hee hee.
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