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Light Pre-Concert Meals to Keep You Rocking All Night

Did you get tickets to see your favorite singers live in concert? Like most people, you can’t wait to scream at the top of your lungs for an encore and bounce around as they point to you in the crowd. Well, you won’t be doing that if you don’t have the energy to keep up. Concerts are exhilarating and fun, but with the wrong type of food, you’ll be headed home before it’s over. Here are several light meals to indulge in before going to your concert.

Go Bananas
Image via Flickr by AWorldOfImagination

Don’t eat a whole bunch of bananas as a meal, that’s just crazy! Instead, eat about two bananas not long after you’ve had your main meal. Bananas are an excellent source of energy because they contain complex and simple carbohydrates. Carbs are what keep your body energized and ready for action.
Those two bananas you chow on will give you enough energy for a rigorous 90-minute workout. So, you can bet you’ll be energized for your concert then!

Go Nuts
Deluxe Mixed Nuts

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These are easy to pop in your mouth and hold in your hand. Nuts, such as walnuts, pecans, peanuts, and more, offer insurmountable stamina that lasts long after you’ve eaten them. A variety of nuts is the best, but most people are fond of peanuts since they're flavored different ways. Watch out for heavily salted peanuts, and opt for honey roasted instead.

Cheese, Meat and Carrot Sticks

Meat & Cheese Platter
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While carbohydrates are perfect for energy boosters, you don’t want to stock up solely on simple carbs like white bread and crash after an hour. To support your energy high, have a light meal of cubed or string cheese, some thinly sliced meats, and carrot sticks. The dairy and protein in this meal will keep you full for a longer time. The carrots help break down the complex carbohydrates into energy giving you more time to enjoy the concert. Plus, their crunchy exterior makes them an excellent substitute for greasy potato chips.

Apple Slices and Peanut Butter

Image via Flickr by Shankaree Palaniandi

These two go marvelous together, especially since apples are crunchy and the peanut butter give them a nutty taste. Peanut butter provides protein to keep you fuller longer. Apples offer fiber, vitamin B, and Iron to keep your body energetic. With the B vitamins in an apple, your body can easily break down complex and regular carbohydrates, and turn them into the energy necessary. Additionally, apples offer hydration since they carry water in their flesh. So, your water intake will be double when eating an apple.

Salad, Anyone?
Salad w/ mango

Image via Flickr by OlgaFlickr

A great, light meal to have before getting those Big Time Rush tickets and going to the concert is a salad. Salads provide a ton of energy because they're made up of vegetables. Skip the iceberg lettuce and go for a salad with fresh romaine greens, baby spinach, and broccoli. These dark greens will give you the sugars and carbohydrates your body needs while in concert mode. Add a little meat and some cheese to stay fuller longer.

Well, there you have it; several easy meals that are light enough to keep you full and pumped. Try opting for these next time before your next concert instead of that frozen latte.


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