Thursday, January 2, 2014

Easy with the Sweets

Diabetes is a very serious health condition if left untreated. When I was carrying my first born, I developed a borderline gestational diabetes and was very careful with my sugar intake. In fact, I did not gain weight so much because I was eating very healthy dishes. Now, we all know that the saying: "Desserts are sweet to the lips but very bad to the hips" is very true. I can truly attest to this saying but how come I cannot resist chocolates and other sweet pastries these days hee hee. Thank goodness there are a lot of treats out there that are sugar free such as this sugar free gum or go online to get it! Although, I have to admit that I indulge myself in a good bag of chocolates and even slices of sweet pastries every now and then.

Speaking of Diabetes, I have learned that this disease ran in my family, my mom has it and so her other siblings. For other diabetic patients, they would use artificial sweetener. These are liquid sucralose sweetener that has many features such as: zero calories and sugar, tastes like sugar, just one drop of it and it's enough to sweetened those beverages, it is free of Dextrose and Maltodextrin, and can be used for both cold and hot drinks.


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