Friday, July 18, 2008

how to make a leche flan without using a steamer

I blogged about my Mom's Leche flan recipe months back but I am going to do so again after learning how my friend, Mishel cooks leche flan without using a steamer.

To begin, here's my mom's leche flan recipe: (as copied from my mom's email)
10 eggyolk
1 condensed milk (big can)

make a syrup in a llanera pan about 4 tablespoon sugar or more. set aside. mix eggyolk with 1 condensed milk and 1 can water (use the condensed milk can) and put 1 teaspoon vanilla or desired flavoring. put the mixture in the llanera with syrup cover with foil and cook for 1 hour with slow fire or less.

And here's Mishel's style:
Mishel is my friend who recently got married to her boyfriend of 2 years in Indiana. Her husband is an American. She is trying to make Tim, her husband like Filipino cuisine and started cooking adobo, kaldereta, minatamisang saba and Leche flan for him and his family. The last time I spoke with her, she said that her Leche Flan was a hit. Her mother-in-law was even telling her to make a business out of her now famous leche flan. When I asked if what kind of steamer she uses, she replied: "I don't use one." Being the gullible and naive person that I am, I am amazed and shocked altogether. So if you do not have a steamer and is craving for leche flan here's what you do. Use the oven! Put a bowl with water half-filled under the llanera with mixed leche flan ingredients and bake them. In a way, you are steaming them in an oven. Very innovative huh?! I am going to try this next week as my steamer is so tiny (read: the top of a rice cooker) that no llanera would fit except if vienna sausage cans are counted as recycled llanera hee.


pixie27 said...

ganyan din ginawa ni MIL heheheh parang nagsteam na rin sya sa loob ng oven habang binebake....dinala namin sa boss ni Oliver kahapoon..

something purple said...

excited na nga ako gawin eh kasi yung steamer ko dito yung sa ibabaw lang ng rice cooker maliit masyado. heheh!

janis said...

i tried that before, kaso i think i need to leave it in the oven longer compared to steaming, kasi d naging firm ung leche flan.
steamer ko ung sa small rice cooker lang din kc hihihi! pero now i bought a big steamer na :D

Anonymous said...

hi.. you know im excited to try it.. wala kc kmi steamer dat's y ii search about it, on how to make leche flan w/o using steamer.. c: hope it will turn out right.. C; and its also my first time to do so C; tnx for the blog..

Rachat de credit said...

Thank you for the guide, this article was very useful for me to learn how to make a leche flan without using a steamer. Thanks

Anonymous said...

This is a great alternative to using an actual steamer! I only have two questions. What temperature do I use to bake it in the oven? How long do I keep it in the oven?

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