Friday, April 25, 2014

Know your Greens

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fine Dining

Thought I'd share this.
Very handy especially when you plan to host a sit-down dinner at your home.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Siomai not so Good

So I made homemade siomai.
While these seem to be the most appetizing homemade siomai I have ever made, sad to say, it's not! The filling is ok but the wonton wrappers were hard and dry. I think I need to stretch it more by adding more filling.

Oh well, all that matters is that my boys love them.
Till next siomai making sesh!
Siomai Sunday.  #Homemade

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Alternative Psychotherapy Treatments and Practices

The human brain is a mysterious organ that creates a lot of challenges for medical professionals. Mental illnesses can be managed with medication and psychotherapy but there are still plenty of barriers associated with effective treatment. Psychiatric drugs come with a lot of side effects that could actually make people feel worse. For example, headaches and dizziness are caused by drugs that are prescribed for managing depression and anxiety.

Sometimes, potent medication can create thoughts of suicide and fear in patients struggling from mental problems. Hypnosis is an alternative therapy to traditional psychiatric treatment. Some medical professionals believe that people have the capability to alter the mental state of mind. Hypnosis is an ancient practice that has often been associated with wizardry and witchcraft. However, modern medicine has taken out some of the superstition associated with using alternative methods for treating mental problems.

The most important benefit of hypnotic treatment is the lack of any side effects. This treatment is essentially an all natural practice. A patient is encouraged to enter a deep state of mind that could clear out some negative thoughts. Hypnosis can be induced with relatively simple methods that involve repeating certain words or doing repetitive tasks. Licensed professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists sometimes use hypnosis as a supplementary treatment along with medication. Patients suffering from bipolar disorder might benefit from the effects of hypnosis. Such a mental treatment can help with developing a stable mentality and reducing maniac episodes.

Before a hypnotic treatment can be initiated, a specialist must talk to a patient about all relevant problems. A therapist needs to understand what specific things trigger panic attacks in patients. Therefore, hypnosis can be used to focus on the most harmful issues that create a lot of instability inside the brain. When a person is in a hypnotic state, he or she may feel free to share true feelings about certain topics.

A therapist may be able to get to the truth of a problem involving personal issues and health. Hypnosis therapy places a patient in a subconscious state of mind that's different from any medication such as tranquilizers. Drugs simply slow down the nervous system of a person. By contrast, hypnosis focuses on managing thoughts rather than actual components of the entire central nervous system. Breathing exercise may help with hypnotic induction that's aimed at relaxing the entire body and clearing up unpleasant thoughts.


How true!
So that's it, no more binge-eating and no more dilly-dallying when it's workout time!
Time to shed off those Holidays lbs at least before Spring comes in full swing!

Let's do this!
...and chocolates ...and ice cream ...and pasta etc... What's yours? #TomorrowIDiet #BurnEmFlabs

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spend your Easter Holiday at Olivia’s Taste Restaurant

Olivia’s Taste Restaurant is one of the few Polish Restaurants Chicago that is still family owned and family operated.  Eating at Chicago Restaurants that are family owned and operated is something special because you are treated like family.  The staff at Olivia’s Taste wants you to feel at home when you come to enjoy the best polish food in Chicago.  This is especially true around the holidays.  With Easter coming, you do not want to spend your entire weekend slaving away in the kitchen while your family is in the living room our outdoors enjoying the holiday.  Instead, you should plan to celebrate the Easter Holiday with our family at Olivia’s Taste.  Why you might ask?  Here are the best reasons to come enjoy our polish cuisine on Easter or any day of the week:
  • No cleaning, shopping or cooking – If you are entertaining a large group or just your immediate family, shopping for groceries, cooking and cleaning can take up most of the time you have to spend with your family during the holiday weekend.  Let us do all of the work for you so that you can enjoy a delicious, affordable meal with your family before spending the rest of your weekend finding some wonderful activity to enjoy together.
  • Traditional polish cuisine – If you love traditional polish cuisine but you are a little rusty on the recipes, we can take care of that for you.  All of our dishes are prepared with the freshest of ingredients from old family recipes.  You can rely on us to serve traditional polish dishes that everyone in your family will enjoy.
  • Relaxing atmosphere – Because we are not a chain restaurant, we can control our décor and layout so that we can offer a relaxing atmosphere for you to enjoy our food.  We want you to take your time to enjoy each distinct flavor and course.  We never rush our customers through their meal because we want you to feel as if you are at home with us.
  • Large variety at affordable prices – It is difficult to please everyone at the table when you only have one entrée and a few side dishes. However, we offer a wide variety of entrée, sides, salads and desserts - - a little bit of everything.  Everyone in your party will find something they like on our menu.  Because our prices are affordable, it is easy to bring your entire family and feed them for about what you would pay at the grocery store.

This holiday weekend, and every holiday, make Olivia’s Taste your favorite restaurant in Chicago.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Homemade Overnight Refrigerated Oatmeals

I am not a huge fan of oatmeals for breakfast. Yes, I do love oatmeal cookies with my tea but I find it so hard to enjoy a nice warm cup of oatmeal to start my day.

Since I am on the road for a healthier lifestyle, including dear hubby who has been very good at shopping organic fruits and vegetables for the family, I needed to tweak our breakfast meals. We still indulge in some hearty breakfast from time to time, mostly during weekends. I will not deny that my boys and I are huge breakfast eaters and we do love our occasional fried Spam, baked bacon, sauteed corned beef hash and omelettes of any kind. However, if we can cut back on our processed breakfast meals from 5 times a week to say a day or two, that would be even better. Not to mention that we are so busy, we do not have enough time to prepare hearty breakfast on work/school days.

I have always known that oatmeal is one of the healthiest breakfast of choice. Maybe there would be some ways me and my boys could enjoy oatmeals, hence, the overnight refrigerated oatmeals which I have been seeing on so many healthy lifestyle advocates I have been following on Instagram. It is actually very easy to make one, I like mind liquid-y over creamy because overnight, it gets creamier.

Here is a simple infographic on how to assemble your refrigerated oatmeals.

If you try and research, Google will give you so many creative ways and ideas on how to make your refrigerated oatmeals a whole lot more appetizing, but I like mine making with this two ingredients + assorted fruits/raisins/nuts and top with occasional cereals for that extra bite.
...And here are just some of the Overnight Refrigerated Oatmeals me and my boys have been enjoying every morning. It's perfect as we enjoy the warmer seasons, feels like eating ice cream for breakfast.
Refrigerated Oatmeals

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Sweet Way to Celebrate Easter and Spring

When winter begins to become a memory and warmer days and sunshine generate optimism, you may find yourself scurrying about like a rabbit to take advantage of the warm weather. There's indoor and outdoor spring cleaning to do. It's a time when all of those warm weather sports, hiking trips, picnics, family adventures and outdoor entertaining opportunities that you have been anxiously waiting to enjoy have you very busy.

Since Easter and spring have similar arrival times, it's easy to let Easter sneak up on you. All of sudden you realize you haven't bought Easter gifts for family and friends. Your home is in need of some spring and Easter decor and you don't have any idea how you want to decorate. There's a sweet solution to both of those dilemmas.

When you concentrate your Easter gift and decor shopping to a place such as Blair Candy, you can shop Easter candy gifts and find inspiration for spring decorating ideas. Pre-made Easter baskets are a quick and easy solution to your gift giving needs. Colorful baskets filled with traditional Easter candy will delight any child at Easter. Older kids and teens may think they are too old for Easter baskets, but they are never too old for a decorative candy bar box or a brightly colored can filled with all of their favorite candy. 

Do you need gifts for your parents, grandparents, your spouse, your friends or co-workers during this time of year? Perhaps you just want to give someone a gift that will brighten their day. The ideal choice for any of these situations is a colorful can filled with nostalgic candy selections. When you give gifts such as baskets, boxes and tins filled with goodies, the recipient has something they can continue using, and possibly refilling, after they have enjoyed the goodies.

You can add some sweetness to your home decor by incorporating a basket filled with Easter theme candy into a table top display that includes bunnies, chicks, baskets, grass and colored eggs. Invite your guests to indulge in a sweet treat by placing a wire bunny basket filled with candy on your coffee table or a table in your foyer.

Giving gifts to make others happy is a wonderful thing. However, there's nothing wrong with treating yourself and reviving sweet memories with a colorful basket, box or tin filled with your favorite types of candy.

Are Weight Loss Products Really Effective?

Losing weight is challenging for most people. They not only have to give up their sweets and high-calorie foods, but also do more exercise and change their eating habits on long term. Those who are obese often suffer from life-threatening diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol, which makes things worse. Some may not have enough time to exercise. Others have large families and spend hours in the kitchen. These little things can ruin their weight loss efforts and even cause them to gain more pounds.

It's no wonder why so many overweight and obese people are using diet pills and other products for fat loss. These products suppress your appetite, block fat absorption, and reduce cravings. Some contain dietary fiber, which keeps you full longer and improves digestion. Dieters can shop for weight loss products online or go to physical stores.

How Do Weight Loss Products Work? 

Each diet pill or weight loss product works in a different way. Most supplements available today contain herbal extracts with fat burning properties, such as bitter orange, green tea extract, green coffee beans, guar gum, chromium, and hoodia. Obese people are often recommended prescription drugs like Xenical. These products cause massive weight loss, but have numerous side effects and may lead to serious health problems.

Most stores offer herbal diet supplements and over-the-counter drugs. Some products decrease the absorption of dietary fat into your body. Others have thermogenic properties, causing your body to burn more calories throughout the day. These supplements increase your metabolic rate, reduce water retention, and burn fat. You will also find weight loss supplements that decrease the appetite and reduce hunger. Most diet products will boost your energy levels due to their high content of vitamins and minerals. Some contain powerful antioxidants that fight free radical damage and help your body get rid of toxins.

Do You Really Need Diet Supplements? 

Most weight loss products are safe and have little or no side effects. In general, it's recommended to start with herbal supplements. When combined with a balanced diet and exercise, they can help you shed fat and get fit. If you're on a strict diet, these products will reduce your hunger and stop cravings. This will make weight loss easier.

Dieters can also use protein powder, protein bars, and fiber supplements. These products do not directly cause weight loss, but keep you full longer and may speed up your metabolism. Protein powder can replace one or more meals. Dietary fiber aids in digestion, removes toxins from your body, and makes you feel full. Compare different products and then choose those that best suit your needs.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

How Families Prepare Meals During the Work Week

There are many large families who want to have dinner together every night, but it can be difficult if both mom and dad work full-time. Someone has to decide the weekly menu and prepare each meal so it will be ready by dinner time. Here are some of the common things that families do in order to enjoy dinner at home together.

Prepare Meals Beforehand 
Many families decide their weekly menu ahead of time, prepare the dishes and put them in the freezer. Consequently, the parent who arrives home first each evening puts the meal into the oven so it will be ready to serve at dinnertime. This helps parents to avoid having to figure out the menu on a day by day basis. It's ready to be heated up and served on the day it's supposed to be used.

Children Help with the Cooking 
Another thing that busy families do in order to enjoy dinner together each night is to assign the cooking responsibilities to the children. Of course, a child who is handling the cooking duties should be old enough to use the stove and prepare the meal in a satisfactory way. Giving kids the opportunity to prepare meals for the family allows them to learn how to mix ingredients to create healthful foods. Plus, it teaches them a skill that they will use in their adult lives. Perhaps they will pass these cooking skills along to their own children one day!

Specific Meals for Every Day of the Week 
Families may also assign a particular meal to a specific day of the week. For instance, they may have spaghetti on Monday of each week and chicken on Tuesdays. Of course, families will want to mix up this schedule in order to avoid becoming bored with certain foods. Some families order foods so they will have delicious items to eat each week. One example of a resource for a family who is interested in this option is a place like

Theme Night 
Finally, some families establish fun themes for their meals during the week. For instance, a family may establish a 'picnic night.' They have sandwiches, Cole slaw, potato salad and other picnic type foods for every Friday meal. Each member of the family is responsible for preparing a certain part of the meal. This allows everyone to contribute to the meal and brings laughter to the experience.


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